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Environmental Services

D&H United Fueling Solutions offers a full line of Environmental Remediation services, for spills of any size. The D&H remediation team is staffed by proven, licensed  personnel with the top of the line equipment. Our environmental team has experience working with flammable liquids, corrosives, oxidizers, toxics and poisons including liquid, gas, semi-solids and solid forms. We have experience with a variety of complex environmental projects including: environmental assessments, rapid response remediation, underground storage tank management, air, soil and groundwater monitoring.

Our staff can assist with federal and state compliance regulations, analytical services, design and implementation of remedial systems for corrective action and preparation of permit applications. We also have the resources to respond to your emergency with PPE ranging from level D to level A. Our Emergency Response teams are fully equipped to handle any job, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The D&H remediation team has extensive experience with roadside incidents, tanker rollovers, pipeline breaks, leaking drums and more.

Our technicians go through a rigorous training program, as well as medical surveillance to ensure projects are completed on time, without incident. Our entry teams are equipped with extraction tri-pods, harnesses and lifelines and perform entries with supplied air or self-contained breathing apparatus. On the job safety is our top priority.

We also specialize in Mobile High Vacuum Multi-Phase Extraction events utilizing liquid ring pumps to achieve vacuums of up to 27 in Hg. We offer a variety of equipment such as thermal and catalytic oxidizers, rotary blowers and internal combustion engines.

In addition, our technicians can support your environmental project by performing groundwater sampling, PSH gauging-bailing, monitoring well sampling, soil-waste sampling, drill-cuttings disposal and equipment repairs. We have extensive experience in wastewater and storm water, sampling and monitoring. Our staff is highly trained and provided with HAZWOPER training.

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