About Us

D&H United Fueling Solutions is committed to providing you with the highest level of service, technology, support and expertise in the fuel system industry. Our 80+ years of company operations along with a management team with 500+ years of experience provides you with both stability and expertise for turnkey fuel systems services and projects. Our company specializes in fueling system applications for the retail, commercial, government and municipal vehicle fueling markets.  We have the largest geographic reach of any fuel system service company in the Southwest with multiple branches across Texas and New Mexico along with service technicians operating in Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Core Values

  • Do the right thingBe fair and act out of integrity.

  • Treat others how you would want to be treated. Fairly and equally.

  • Keep it simple. Enough said.

  • Positive people, family and community culture. Take care of our people, customers and community. Create a positive environment.

  • No Drama.  A drama free environment.

  • Growth oriented.  Grow our company and provide opportunities for our people

  • Continuous improvement.  Always look for better ways to do things.  Get better every day.


D&H United is focused on being the best at what we do. Our goal is to be the premier service provider in our industry.

We are a customer driven company. Customer service is our highest priority. We will always seek cost effective and innovative solutions keeping our customer’s best interest in mind.

Fueling System Expertise

• Service, repair and installation
• 24/7/365 Service
• 25,000 service work orders per year
• EMV compliance and POS systems
• UST/AST installation, removal & compliance
• Dispenser installation, calibration and startup
• LED lighting and fuel system electrical
• Alternative fuels
• Environmental services
• Fully licensed, certified and insured
• Primary provider to industry leading companies

Happy Customers

“Team, they did GREAT work for us here in Houston, and saved us a ton of money.   In addition, they were in and out in less time than anticipated, and left things broom clean. AAAA+++++”

“I wanted to extend my appreciation to the D&H United Albuquerque branch.  Your team worked throughout the night to make sure that we got our sites back up in a more than reasonable time frame.”