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Vacuum Trucks

D&H offers both wet and dry vacuum services to help meet your needs. Vacuum trucks are capable of pumping and transporting large amounts of hazardous and non-hazardous material for proper disposal. They are beneficial for industrial, construction, petroleum, mining, railroad, environmental projects and emergency response.

The Wet Vacuum is great for:

  • Spill Cleanups
  • Sand/ Grease Trap Cleanouts
  • Refinery Product Line Cleaning
  • Contaminant System Cleanup
  • Liquid Hazardous Waste Recovery/Transport

The Dry Vacuum is great for:

  • Utility Locates/ Air Knife
  • Culvert & Manhole Cleanouts
  • Debris Cleanup Inside Structures & Canopies
  • Cleanup Wet Sand & Mud
  • Cleanup Construction Site Debris
  • Material Recovery
  • Solid Waste Recovery/Transport
  • Tank Excavation Gravel Removal
  • Sand Blast Grit Recovery/Removal
  • Manual Hydro Excavation Services