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Emergency Spills Response & Cleanups

D&H United Environmental has extensive experience responding to emergency spills and conducting spill cleanups. Large or small spills, we have the technical personnel and equipment to assist you when you need it. Our personnel have experience working with flammable liquids, corrosives, oxidizers, toxics and poisons in liquid, gas, semi-solids and solid forms. D&H has the resources to respond to your emergency from Level D to Level A. Our Emergency Response Trailer is fully equipped to handle any job.

We have experience in roadside incidents, tanker rollovers, pipeline breaks and leaking drums, to name a few. We will respond 24 hours a day 7 days a week, year around. Other supporting equipment and resources include Bobcats, backhoes, pressure washers, generators, compressors, confined space entry equipment, sampling and monitoring meters, various types of pumps, containers and absorbents.

D&H will prepare a Health and Safety Plan for all incidents and will review with all personnel involved prior to starting the project. Project Managers are trained in ICS/NIMS to support and manage the activities.

D&H United Environmental can manage your waste from generation to disposal and provide you with the proper profiling and manifesting paperwork required under 40 CFR regulations.

For Emergency Response: (833) 543-0101