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Mobile High Vac Extraction

Mobile High Vacuum Multi-Phase Extraction is a remediation technology for extraction of vapor phase, dissolved phase and liquid phase hydrocarbons. This method of soil and groundwater remediation is preferred to permanent systems since it is less intrusive and typically less expensive. D&H has performed hundreds of mobile high vacuum extraction events utilizing a liquid ring pump to achieve vacuums of up to 27 in Hg. Vapor combustion is handled through our internal combustion engines. The entire process is computer controlled to maintain emissions within state requirements.

This technology works by applying a high vacuum to wells or trenches that intersects the vapor of liquid areas. Liquids and gases can be extracted simultaneously within the same drop-tube (stinger). Two-phase extraction (TPE) often is used with chlorinated solvents. The use of a high vacuum pump can pull liquids and vapors from wells over 100 feet in depth. Water and liquid phase hydrocarbons are separated through a knock-out system. Storage of water is provided through bladder tanks or water trucks.

Features of High Vacuum Extraction:

  • Removes groundwater containing dissolved constituents from the saturated zone.
  • Removes soil moisture containing dissolved constituents and vapor from the unsaturated zone.
  • Removes Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (LNAPL) floating on the groundwater.
  • Removes non-drainable or trapped LNAPL from soil matrix.
  • High radius of influence in most cases to quickly remediate sites.
  • Does not require excavation at site to lay piping, all hoses and connections to wells are temporary.