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Pulser Shield: A Revolutionary Solution to Fuel Theft

Fuel theft has become an escalating concern in the industry, mainly caused by the manipulation of dispenser pulses. D&H United Fueling Solutions has developed and patented Pulser Shield to address this critical issue.

Combatting Fuel Theft with Advanced Security

The Pulser Shield was developed in response to the alarming rise in fuel theft, primarily by manipulating dispenser pulses. D&H United designed it to offer a robust security solution for existing Gilbarco Encore® 300, 500, and 700 standard-capacity retail dispensers.

Seamless Integration and Unmatched Protection

The Pulser Shield is engineered to integrate seamlessly into the dispenser’s frame, creating a physical barrier that covers the pulses. This design significantly increases the difficulty and time required to access and manipulate the pulses, as it necessitates the removal of both the dispenser side panels and the shield itself. As the most cost-effective pulser cover security solution, the Pulser Shield provides unparalleled protection against fuel theft.

A Milestone in Fueling Industry Security

The introduction of the Pulser Shield marks a significant milestone for D&H United, reflecting our commitment to innovation and security in the fueling industry. As fuel prices continue to rise, the industry faces a surge in fuel theft. The Pulser Shield is our answer to this growing problem, providing our customers with a reliable and efficient solution to protect their assets.

Key Features of the Pulser Shield

  • Cost-Effective Security Solution: Offers the industry’s most economical pulser cover security solution.
  • Quick Installation: Can be installed in as little as one hour per dispenser.
  • Compatibility: Designed to work with existing Encore® 300, 500, and 700 standard capacity retail dispensers, including 3+0 and 3+1 models.
  • Versatility: Supports all printer types.
  • Robust Design: Constructed from heavy 12-gauge steel with a reinforced angled bend design, secured with carriage bolts to prevent removal from inside the dispenser cabinet.
  • Two Shields Per Dispenser: Each dispenser requires two shields for comprehensive protection.

Experience the next level of fuel dispenser security with the Pulser Shield, exclusively from D&H United Fueling Solutions.

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