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Retail Petroleum Equipment & Services

You want to ensure your site runs smoothly with secure up-to-date fueling technology that is compliant. That means having reliable fueling equipment and fueling technology to help your employees maintain excellent customer service while keeping your site safe and profitable.
To help you achieve those goals, D&H United is a proud Gilbarco distributor and Authorized Service Company (ASC). With strategically located and stocked warehouse locations throughout the United States, D&H United not only offers a full line of retail petroleum equipment and technology solutions, but is quickly repsonsive to service requests.
Just some of the equipment and technology that we provide includes point-of-sale (POS) systems, dispensers, tanks, piping, fuel gauging and monitoring, spill containment-overfill prevention devices, card readers-payment systems and fuel management systems. From beginning to end, D&H United is your reliable fueling system and c-store source.

Fueling Dispensers

The Encore 700 S has become the benchmark fuel dispenser for c-store and retail fuel businesses. With a familiar ATM-style customer interface, the highly secure CRIND® provides enhanced, upgradeable security that supports EMV and contactless payment technologies. Enhance your customer engagement and scale your digital transformation with robust loyalty and content management options. Flexible fueling options, with up to 6 grades, ensure your business is prepared to fuel the customers of today and the future. Improve site efficiencies and reduce downtime with cloud-connected remote management—24/7 site visibility across your network.

Passport Point-of-Sale Systems

With the Passport® point of sale system, retailers can future-proof their businesses for the PCI requirements of today and beyond. Passport is certified for all major point of sale networks and interfaces with more third-party partners than any other convenience store POS system in the industry. Passport gives you an easy way to cater to customers who crave loyalty and reward points programs. The easy user interface allows new employees to train in 20 minutes or less. In some cases, employees can even train themselves. With the industry-leading 24/7 help desk, businesses powered with Passport are never alone.


As of October, 2021 EMV is now the standard card technology in the United States for in-store payment systems. Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV), refers to the fraud reducing chip technology that is built into today’s payment cards. EMV is a global standard for the operation of integrated chip cards and chip enabled POS systems, ATMs and fuel dispensers.
The new chip on credit cards means payment security for almost 13 billion cards in 2024, and even relatively small gas station operators can expect ‘tens of thousands of dollars’ in fraud losses monthly for each station if they are not in compliance.
If you have yet to begin your EMV upgrade, contact D&H United as soon as possible as we can assist c-store retailers upgrade their sites to support EMV payments across different Gilbarco and competitive fuel dispensing products. Let our experts help you plan your EMV upgrades so you can begin your transition to EMV compliance.

EMV Liability Shift:

  • POS: October 1, 2015: liability shift for in-store POS fraudulent transactions on non-EMV chip & PIN compatible terminals
  • Forecourt: October 1, 2020: forecourt liability shift for fraudulent transactions on non-EMV chip & PIN compatible terminals

Other EMV Resources:

Retail Products:

• Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST)
• Back Office
• Bio-diesel Blending
• Canopies
• DEF Systems
• Emergency Generators
• Energy Management
• Fittings
• Fuel Cleaning
• Fuel Dispensers
• Fuel Systems
• Hoses
• Leak Detection
• Lighting

• Lubrication and Air Systems
• Nozzles
• Overfill/Spill Prevention
• Piping
• Piping
• POS Systems
• Scanning
• Security
• Spare Parts
• Spill Containment Equipment
• Submersible Pumps
• Tank Monitoring
• Underground Storage Tanks (UST)
• Vapor Recovery

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