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Meter Calibrations

Why calibrate your meters? Many site owners and operators ask this question and many believe that the periodic testing completed by a state official is all that is needed. Unfortunately, this belief can lead to profit loss, unhappy customers and poorly maintained meters that may require costly repairs in the future. And since state officials may not visit a site annually, there is time for meters to become grossly inaccurate, shorting the customers of fuel, or giving away fuel that was not paid for.
If eight out of 24 meters at a station with average throughput are inaccurately calibrated, they stand to give away 1,384 gallons of gas over 12 months. At an average price of $3.10/gallon (Jan. 2015), that equals a loss of $4,290! Can you afford to absorb a loss this great each year? The most effective way to avoid this problem is to have your meters calibrated on a regular basis. The smallest incremental change in a meter can result in losses that may grow exponentially. This quick and easy, preemptive and low-cost measure ensures accurate fuel delivery.
D&H United uses the most efficient equipment to duplicate the consumer fueling process, resulting in highly accurate meter calibration results. We create concise return on investment reports (ROI) to provide a record of meter performance. These detailed ROI findings clearly display all of the inaccuracies corrected during our visit.
No matter where your site is located, trust D&H United to apply our years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment to calibrate your meters for accuracy and maximum profitability.

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