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Certifications & Licenses

D&H United Fueling Solutions holds 900+ licenses and certifications including:
  • UST Installation & Removal for TX, NM, AZ and OK
  • AST Installation & Removal for TX, NM and OK
  • Dispenser Meter Calibration for TX, NM, AZ and OK
  • Bulk/High-Volume Meter Calibration for TX, NM and OK
  • Corrective Action Specialist for TX
  • Certified Scientist for New Mexico
  • CNG/LNG Installation and Service in TX
  • Installation and repair certifications for major industry manufacturers and technology providers including: Gilbarco, Verifone, Veeder-Root, Red Jacket, OPW, Ameron, Smith, XERXES, Containment Solutions, APT, UPP, BlueLine, Bravo Systems, Flex-Ing, Petroleum Containment, INCON, F. E. Petro, Gasboy, Petro-Vend, Fuel Master and many more.
  • Registered Geoscience Firm in the State of Texas
  • Registered Remediation Firm in the State of Arizona
  • SP-001 Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Inspections
  • Licensed Electrical Contractors TX, NM and LA


Corporate Office:
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