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A Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA) to the Code for Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities and Repair Garages (NFPA 30A) will be issued very soon that, if passed, would incorporate electric vehicle fueling systems at traditional motor fuel dispensing facilities. You can read the proposed language here. The TIA presented is on the existing 2021 edition of the code.

The public can submit comments to this TIA. All comments will be reviewed by the NFPA 30A committee before it votes. Refer back to this blog and we’ll tell you (once we know) how to officially submit comments by the February 24 deadline. Our purpose in sharing the proposed language in advance is to give you a head-start in reviewing the proposed changes to the Code.

The decision by NFPA 30A committee members to incorporate this TIA language is an up or down vote; no part of the TIA can be modified. For the ballot to pass, at least 50% of the committee must vote. Of those voting, at least 75% of the committee members must approve both the technical merit and the emergency nature of the TIA, so it’s not a slam dunk that this will pass. The ballot results will be presented to the NFPA Standards Council this April. If the Standards Council approves, the TIA becomes part of the code 20 days after the Standards Council decision.