Fuel Quality & Testing

D&H United has partnered with Leighton O’Brien, the market leader in fuel and tank cleaning services. Their patented technology provides the highest level of fuel quality. Leighton O’Brien also provides the most advanced and accurate tank and line testing technology.

Fuel and Tank Cleaning Services

Fuel storage tanks containing free water, phase separation contamination and degraded fuel can be a costly nightmare for fuel retailers and commercial fuel users. Leighton O’Brien provides a comprehensive solution for removing contamination and free water as well as a patented process for restoring fuel quality and remediating phase separation. Unlike other tank cleaning services, our technology sweeps the entire tank floor to remove contamination and free phase water from the tank. Our patented process restores and returns 100% of the useable fuel.

The flexibility of our technology means we can customise our service to meet our clients’ tank cleaning and fuel restoration requirements – whether it be fast and cost effective water removal through to a comprehensive 3-stage tank clean and fuel restoration service to ensure premium fuel quality at all times. We also provide a full service report including product quality check and fuel inspection report on all tanks.

Leighton O’Brien’s tank cleaning and fuel restoration technology means you can:

  • Improve the cost effectiveness of free phase water removal from tanks
  • Remediate phase separation
  • Eliminate costly insurance claims from vehicles breaking down, kill and remove microbial growth and the environment they live in
  • Reduce the re-occurrence rate of microbial growth to almost zero
  • Eliminate problems with blocked filters
  • Improve the functionality of pumps and ATGs
  • Eliminate power outages involving critical emergency power backup systems
  • Remediate and re-sell degraded fuel stock

Tank & Line Testing

Leighton O’Brien offers the most advanced and accurate tank and line testing technology available. Leighton O’Brien has the world’s only US EPA-certified precision dry line test in just 3 minutes, the fastest and most accurate wet line test in 17.5 minutes, and a precision tank test capable of testing in as little as one hour with minimal disruption to the sales at your sites.

Visit the Leighton O’Brien website for more details on the full line of services that they have to offer:  www.leightonobrien.com.