Having gas stations would give the company “thousands of commercial locations to advance its delivery efforts.”

NEW YORK CITY – Speculation about what Amazon will do next fuels much of the news in many industries. A recent analysis by DA Davidson analyst Tom Forte adds this view to the mix: Amazon should get into the gas station business, Bloomberg News reports.

Forte wrote that Amazon should increase the number of physical locations, which currently includes Whole Foods stores, Amazon Go units and Amazon Books, as “another means for it to advance its delivery efforts.” Expanding its portfolio to include gas stations would “provide the company thousands of commercial locations to advance its delivery efforts.”

The analyst pointed out that Amazon could find more places for its Amazon Lockers and Amazon Go stores, as well as open another source of revenue.

In addition, having fueling stations would “provide the company additional data on the physical whereabouts of consumers,” because of the “thousands more locations where it [Amazon] would know where consumers were shopping,” Forte said.

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