Fuel kept disappearing from a family-owned gas station in Texas and, at first, they couldn’t figure out how or why, news outlets reported. That was until Jerry Thayil, manager of the southwest Houston gas station, took a closer look at surveillance video and spotted some suspicious activity outside the store. “The first day, I saw there was 360 gallons that was missing. Then the next day, same thing, so we started looking at the cameras,” Thayil told TV station KTRK. The first 360 gallons was taken on Tuesday, March 8.

Over 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel was stolen from the Fuqua Express over three days, back-to-back, Thayil told the outlet, and the same van appeared and parked over the underground storage tanks each time. Thayil estimates $5,000 worth of gas was stolen.

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Source: www.star-telegram.com