Major Oil Brand Joins Adopters of “Chip Card” Capabilities at the Fuel Dispenser

Gilbarco Veeder-Root announced today that Phillips 66 officially released outside EMV acceptance at the forecourt after extensive testing of Passport® version 11.02 software. Over the past six months, Phillips 66, in beta sites across the United States, performed hundreds of thousands of EMV transactions and has released outside EMV software across its network of branded sites running the Gilbarco Passport Point-of-Sale System. This milestone marks the next big step toward enabling all Phillips 66 retailers to provide greater protection for consumers by processing EMV chip card transactions at fuel dispensers.

Phillips 66 is joining an elite group of early adopters of chip card transactions at the fuel dispenser. Passport POS sites with Version 11.02 software are rapidly expanding outdoor EMV capabilities to protect their customers, differentiate their brands, and become EMV-compliant ahead of the fast- approaching 2020 deadline.

“Providing capability to process more secure transactions at the pump is the newest benefit to the Phillips 66 suite of technological advantages, along with items like our state-of-the-art mobile…

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Source: www.gilbarco.com