The cellular-powered skimmers are a new variation that sends stolen financial data via text messaging.

CHEMUNG COUNTY, N.Y. – Skimmers tucked into gasoline dispensers have been used by criminals for years, but within the past 18 months, a new variation was discovered in upstate New York, WENY-TV reports. In Horseheads, N.Y., law enforcement removed a GSM/cellular powered skimmer from inside a fuel dispenser. The GSM skimmer had been installed like Bluetooth skimmers, but the GSM skimmer can transmit stolen data through text messaging to any number anywhere in the world.

“With cellular capabilities, instead of these skimmers kind of sitting there and storing up to 7,000 numbers and requiring a perpetrator to come back and kind of be in the premise of where the crime has been committed, now that skimmer is just text messaging the credit card numbers…

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Source: www.convenience.org