EV Charger distribution agreement combines with electrical and service capabilities

HOUSTON, August 31, 2020 – D&H United Fueling Solutions, Inc. announced today the signing of a distribution agreement with Gilbarco Veeder-Root for their full suite of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging products including 50W and 175W DC fast chargers as well as the new Amps2Go Level 2 charger.

With the continued national growth of electric vehicles D&H United Fueling Solutions is well positioned to serve customers and support the deployment of an EV charging infrastructure in the country. The combined electrical and service capabilities of D&H United provide for DC fast charge and Level 2 installations while at the same time providing fast and reliable service.

D&H United VP, Growth Strategy Bill Reichhold stated, “It is apparent that electric vehicles will have a definitive place in the future of American transportation and we feel strongly that our industry will continue to play an important role in providing “fueling” and convenience to our customers.”

Please contact us at sales@dh-united.com to talk to a D&H United representative and learn more about EV charging.

About D&H United Fueling Solutions

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