Program lasts through March 31, 2021

SAN RAMON, Calif.  Chevron is launching an incentive program, offering marketers and retailers $2,000 to $10,000 for each Chevron and Texaco gas station that has implemented chip-card and mobile-app technology.

Through the new program, marketers and retailers with stations that implement this technology by March 31, 2021, will qualify for a tiered-volume incentive based on each station’s annual gasoline and diesel volumes. No separate agreement will be required. Chevron will automatically process the payments after the marketers and retailers implement the technology.

“Chevron is dedicated to taking care of people on the go and proactively addressing their needs in the retail of the future,” said Harry Hazen, senior manager of Americas marketing. “The announcements today underpin that commitment—delivering a premium consumer experience at Chevron- and Texaco-branded locations by enabling competitive offerings with consistency, speed and consumer value.”


Source: cspdailynews.com