Changes to New Mexico’s tank system testing and reporting requirements (20.5 NMAC) became effective July 24, 2018. The new regulations require that a qualified tester perform the first test of an owner/operators spill and overfill prevention equipment and interstitial monitoring containment sumps by July 24, 2021.

Many types of testing must be done every year. Some must be done every three years. There are requirements for testing both aboveground and underground storage systems, and then there are requirements that apply only to testing either underground or aboveground storage tank systems.

To help tank owners and operators comply with the new regulations and the fast-approaching deadline, the state has developed a useful seven-page spreadsheet outlining what you need when, who needs to do it, and what reports owners and operators need to send and keep.

Some may find the seven-page spreadsheet produced by the New Mexico Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau to be a little daunting. The tank experts at D&H United Fueling Solutions, Inc. can help you understand them. And if you need a person qualified under 20.5.105 NMAC to perform the tests, D&H employs the greatest number of testers in New Mexico to do the work.