The Petroleum Equipment Institute’s Recommended Practices for Installation of Underground Liquid Storage Systems (RP100) has been given the force of federal law (40 CFR 280) and state law (e.g., 30 TAC 334.46) since the late 1980s.

RP100 is updated regularly to reflect state-of-the –art installation practices. It was updated in August, 2020 to remove the recommendation to use metallic risers in Section 10.13 of the document.

Here’s some background: The former edition (2017) of RP100 prohibited the use of nonmetallic pipe for fill risers. In response to requests from scores of tank owners, installers and regulators, that prohibition has been removed. PEI explained why it made the change this way: “In an effort to combat metallic corrosion, manufacturers have developed a new generation of heavy-gauge/heavy-duty fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tank risers and fitting assemblies.”  With the change to PEI RP100, underground storage tank owners can install either metallic risers–which can corrode over time–or non-corrodible FRP risers.

D&H United Fueling Solutions can supply and install metallic or nonmetallic (FRP) tank risers. Contact the tank professionals at D&H United to discuss which solution is best for your new UST system.