A few, quick, no-nonsense thoughts on EMV going forward:

  • Visa, American Express, Discover and Mastercard have all postponed their planned EMV liability shift for fueling stations to April, 2021. Nobody–we mean nobody– knows for sure if it will be extended again. That said, experts speaking at a July 28, 2020, webinar presented by Mercator Advisory Group, said not to expect a third extension of the deadline for accepting chip payment cards at the gas pump.
  • By our count, all but two or three of the top convenience store marketers will be in compliance by the deadline. As marketers move to achieve compliance, their appetite to lobby for an extension of the deadline that would serve to benefit their competitors who elected not to upgrade will wane.
  • Once marketers have EMV turned on at all locations, they will advertise the heck out of it. Something like: “Your Card is Safe With Us”, only catchier.
  • Depending on various factors (e.g., increased demand, branding, dispenser manufacturer, supply chain issues, COVID), lead time for new dispensers and upgrade kits are currently running anywhere between 8 to 16 weeks.
  • If marketers want to be certain they have EMV-compliant equipment installed and functioning by the April 2021 deadline, equipment orders should be placed and trained technicians scheduled by the beginning of fall, 2020.