April 20, 2018
WASHINGTON — The big three automakers—General Motors (GM), Ford and Fiat Chrysler—are pushing for the United States to adopt one fuel grade.

The companies have partnered with the United States Council for Automotive Research to campaign for a single, 95-octane grade of fuel, which would replace the current 87-octane regular, 88- to 90-octane midgrade and 91- to 94-octane premium, Automotive News reported. This would put the United States in line with Europe, giving it the same octane fuel as Europe’s regular grade.

The automakers’ proposal would be to phase out the current octane grades over time, GM spokesman Tom Read told Automotive News. Under the plan, gasoline with a higher octane than 95 would still be available as a type of superpremium grade.

From CSP Daily News