About Us

D&H United Fueling Solutions has served Petroleum Marketers since 1939. In addition to our core business in the sales, installation, service and removal of fuel systems to the Retail Petroleum Market, we provide: Design/Build, sales, installation and service of Commercial/Fleet Fueling Systems; Aviation Fueling Systems; Marina Fueling System; Alternative Fuel Systems to include CNG, LNG, DEF, Bio-Fuels, Ethanol and Electrical Charging; Emergency Generator Fuel Supply Systems; Automotive Repair and Lubrication Shop Systems; Interior Food Service Equipment; Interior and Exterior Lighting; Energy Management Systems as well as Environmental Corrective Action and Remediation Programs.

MISSION STATEMENT - We are a customer driven company. We will always seek cost effective solutions and keep the customer's best interest in mind.

PERFORMANCE POLICY - At D&H United Fueling Solutions, we guarantee to perform at the highest level of proficiency and quality for every customer and on on every job. We will only offer the top quality products that meet or exceed the customer's expectations and maintain all manufactures records and requirements as part of our service commitment

SUSTAINABILITY STATEMENT - We here at D&H United strongly believe in sustainable economic growth that emphasizes compliance with Environmental and Safety laws and reduces environmental impacts by recycling waste material in the safest way possible to create less of an impact on our earth. The three R's, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, is a slogan that is practiced everyday. D&H United Fueling Solutions not only implements environmentally friendly protocols but also promotes environmental awareness in the communities where we work.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYMENT - We are also proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. We promote diversity and equality in our work force.

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